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Ducting connectors are an important part of any ducting system as they allow for connections between parts of the system. Male connectors for example are used to connect sections of spiral ducting together whilst female connectors are often used to connect the spiral ducting to bends, reducers etc. For a more convenient fit then why not view our iSeal connectors range.

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Standard Ducting Connectors vs. Sealed

Saving money or cutting time

Ducting connectors are integral as they allow you to connect different parts of a ducting system. We offer customers several duct connector solutions, including standard and sealed connectors. A standard duct connector provides a solid economical option as they use the same high-quality material as the sealed variants but are cheaper. Connectors with seals have factory-installed sealants, reducing system leaks and making setting up your ducting system easier and quicker. Sealed connectors incorporate a built-in EDPM rubber gasket, creating a more convenient fit and a pleasing aesthetic.

If you want to save money and time is not critical, our standard ducting connectors will be the perfect solution. However, you can consider a sealed connector for quick and easy installation with no tape or sealant required. Regardless, all our products are made from galvanised steel following DW144 specifications. Our ducting connectors are made here in the UK with sizes from 80mm to 800mm diameter, ready for dispatch today.