High Velocity Ducting Cowls

High Velocity Cowls are primarily designed to expel fumes and gases vertically and at speed away from the building. The ducting cowls also prevent rain from entering the ducting system by being captured in a dish within the cowl and then fed out through a tube. These types of outlets are currently recommended by the HSE.

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Why the HSE Recommends High Velocity Ducting Cowls

Expelling fumes upwards for safety

The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for maintaining employee health, safety and well-being. Fumes and other airborne contaminants can harm people’s health, so adequate ventilation is essential. A ducting cowl is used to discharge fumes from a building. The HSE advises against Weather Cowls (also commonly referred to as ‘China Man Hat’ and ‘Chinese Rain Cap Chimney Cowls’) for ventilation.

Products like weather cowls emit harmful fumes sideways and downwards, meaning the contaminants can reach people outside the building or enter into another air inlet. High velocity ducting cowls, on the other hand, emit fumes and air vertically. Therefore, the HSE prefers these cowls to ones that cause the risk of hazardous particulates flowing sideways or downwards.