Duct Attenuators

If you are looking to reduce the noise in your ducting system then an iDuct attenuator is the perfect solution. Typically placed near noise generating areas such as fans and dampers, these attenuators are easy to install and made from high quality steel. Available in 300, 600, 900, 1200mm lengths as standard.

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How Attenuators Reduce the Noise in Your Workplace

Reduce the noise pollution in your environment with an attenuator solution

Ducting and ventilation systems, particularly fans, can be noisy when in use. As these systems inhale air and other particulates to transport them from one place to another, the process creates vibrations that cause distracting and noisy sounds. Depending on your industry, loud ducting systems can interrupt vital meetings or keep customers awake. For this reason, it may be helpful for your business to consider a solution to reduce your noise pollution and provide a better working environment for employees.

Attenuators are one of the best options for reducing the sound caused by your systems. When placed by noise-generating areas, the attenuator absorbs the sound waves to lower the outputted noise. Attenuators won’t make your ducting system completely silent, but they are an effective and affordable way to reduce the noise to a manageable level. Our range of duct attenuators includes a circular silencer, which is simple to install and in stock ready for dispatch.