Spiral Ducting

Spiral ducting is one of the most common elements of a ventilation system and its spiral form makes it cost effective and more air tight than its rectangular counterparts. The ducting is classed as ‘female’ so other bends and parts will easily slip inside the spiral ducting.

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What Makes Spiral Ducting Unique

What Makes Spiral Ducting Unique?

Spiral ducting offers unique features such as enhanced flexibility, cost-effectiveness and durability

Spiral ducting has become a popular choice for industrial ventilation systems due to its unique features and benefits. Unlike traditional rectangular ducting systems, spiral ducting is made from a continuous coil of metal, providing several advantages over other ducting materials. Its affordability, improved sealing and ease of installation are just some of the key features that set it apart. Spiral ducting uses less metal than rectangular ducting and provides optimal airflow. Additionally, it is a “female product”, making installation a straightforward process. Consider spiral ducting from iDuct for your next project.

How to Buy Spiral Ducting from iDuct

How to Buy Spiral Ducting From iDuct

Learn the easy steps to purchasing spiral ducting from iDuct

Purchasing spiral ducting from iDuct is effortless.

  1. Start by browsing iDuct’s three-metre spiral ducts.
  2. Add it to your basket. You can continue browsing the site for other products you’re interested in.
  3. iDuct operates on a quote system. You’ll be asked to supply your contact details and notes at checkout. No payments will be made at this stage.
  4. iDuct will then review your request and send you a personalised estimate via email.
  5. Once you’re happy with the price, contact our team. They will process your payment and arrange delivery.
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We are proud to be a member of Made in Britain, an organisation dedicated to verifying that manufacturers produce their products within the UK. It means that iDuct actively contributes to our economy’s growth. Moreover, our commitment to UK manufacturing ensures we adhere to the most stringent local regulations and specifications, guaranteeing our spiral ducting range is top-of-the-line. We understand the specific requirements of the British market and can offer tailored support. Operating in the UK also enables us to provide faster turnaround times, accommodate client visits to our facility, and promote sustainability.