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For those looking to balance and or control the volume of airflow within a ducting system then a single blade damper is an ideal and cost effective solution. Made from high quality galvanized steel and to DW144 specification ensuring its quality and durability.

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The Role of Ducting Dampers

The Role That Dampers Play in Your Ducting System

An optimal solution for controlling airflow volume within HVAC systems

A ducting damper is a crucial component of an HVAC system as it allows you to control the volume of airflow, helping you find the right balance for what you need. Dampers use a metal plate inside the ducting to increase or decrease the airflow where required. For instance, when partially closed, only a bit of air will pass through, affecting the purpose of the system. One example of where a ducting damper may be used is for an air conditioning system. The damper acts like a value so you can adjust the temperature of a room without affecting the temperature of the whole building and preventing air from escaping into unused rooms.

If this sounds like something you need to maintain consistent air circulation and provide flexibility to control the airflow, consider our single-blade damper. This cost-effective product is an excellent solution and is available now for immediate dispatch. The damper is made from high-quality steel and built to DW144 specifications as with all our supplies. We’re proud to be a Made in Britain member, ensuring our customers benefit from exceptional products and quick service.