iDuct Flanged Spigots

Flanged spigots are often used in a ducting system to connect a duct to a flat surface. Our flanged spigots are made from high quality galvanised steel and to DW144 specification ensuring its quality and durability.

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Our Flanged Spigot Are Manufactured in Britain

A commitment that supports the nation while delivering tailored solutions for you

All iDuct products, including the flanged spigot range, are proudly manufactured in Britain. With our accreditation as a Made in Britain company, you can rest assured that our products are made within the country to deliver economic growth and maintain the quality you expect from us. Made in Britain members adhere to strict regulations and specifications to ensure businesses benefit from the best of British manufacturing. We recognise the unique requirements of the British market, helping us provide a customised experience for customers. This approach also means we offer quick turnaround times, limit the negative environmental impact on the planet and allow customers to visit our facility.